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Why to choose us?

All of our services are provided as excellent top level solutions.

Services based only on open source and all of our workers them programmers.


Shortly about popular services:

Hosting Hosting based on failover, servers located in different countries and farms! (and balanced if required) +100% online security managed by us!
DNS Our DNS servers stabile
Backup service Backup made on isolated servers and duplicated on others, no way to loss information! 
Office Security

Security based on full isolation and filtering/monitoring of all traffic!

The difference from other “firewalls, etc...” our system in real time provides only allowed access (no way to hack)!
Anonymity We support top level anonymity and privacy of our customers!
Support The emergency support provided at any time 24/7/365!!! standard support provided in working days 
Mail solutions Mail servers like other our services have full failover and load balance, manager for mail lists and solutions for mass sending + tracking monitor
PROXING / VPN / Piercing Proxying very fast & secure, with private mod(Information not logged)